Ladies sweater made of soft 100% hemp knit in purple. Unisex.


This 100% hemp sweater is a favorite: it warms in winter, has a cooling effect in summer and feels best on the skin!


The expression of the colors


Colors have a hidden effect on the mind and are an expression of personality. We offer our first color collection in the 6 main colors according to Goethe's theory of colors:


RED - energy

ORANGE - surrender

YELLOW - realization

PURPLE - Spirituality

BLUE - intuition

GREEN - freedom




NO scratching, because this sweater is made from long hemp fibers! Can be worn directly on the skin, has a cooling effect in summer and warms in winter - a pleasure for the senses!

100% hemp sweater PURPLE

    • Fabrics made from 100% hemp do not absorb odors and always remain hygienic, as the oxygen content of the hemp fibers is so high that no anaerobic bacteria can settle.


    • Pure hemp fabrics made from long fibers are ideal for underwear and clothing that comes into contact with the skin.


    • Hemp fabrics cool and protect the skin in summer (UV protection: 95%). The temperature-regulating properties of the fiber make hemp clothing ideal for all seasons.


    • The moisture is exchanged very quickly and leaves the hemp shirt always airy on the skin during sports.


    • The "fine electrical voltage level" of the hemp fiber corresponds to that of the human body surface and causes relaxation for the skin.
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